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OLYMPIQUE Facade Access Consulting is the global leader in facade access design and consulting services for developers, architects, general contractors and building owners. With over 27 years of experience in Exterior Building Maintenance (EBM), we strive to develop common sense and technically appropriate solutions for the facade access and EBM challenges that result from the complex and unique architecture of buildings today. In additional to our highly technical experience and ability, you will benefit from our deep knowledge with the following codes and standards: Fed OSHA, Cal OSHA, Washington OSHA, New York DOL, CAN/CSA, EN1808 ASME A120, ANSI Z359. 

Traditionally, project teams have allowed EBM equipment and systems to be designed and developed during construction after architectural and structural design is complete . This design/build approach is flawed since all of the regulatory authorities requires that portions of the building architecture be designed to support the EBM equipment and system. The end result is a flawed installation, incomplete systems, code compliance issued and high cost to build. If designed in a performance based model during architectural design, the project will benefit from the early interdisciplinary coordination that will allow a streamlined approach and cost savings.

The following professional design and consulting services are tailored to your project. Just as us how we can help. Contact Us Now

Schematic Design

Schematic Design Drawings
Initial Plan Review and Code Compliance Assessment Report
Rough Order of Magnitude / Capital Planning
Exterior Building Maintenance Preliminary Plan

Design Development / Construction Documents

Construction Documentation, Drawings, 3 Part Specifications – Construction Manuals (tendering documents)
Component selection (tieback anchors, pedestals, portable sockets, davits, suspended platform, davit carriages, track systems, monorails BMU’s…)
System Configuration (drop study, etc.)
Architectural and Structural Coordination
Power / Water requirements
Site Work / Landscaping requirements

Construction Administration

Bidding and Negotiation
RFI Management
Submittal Review
Construction Support
Witness Load Testing
Punch list and Closeout

OPOS Development / Work Plan

Operationa Prodcedure Outline Sheet (Cal OSHA) Development Services
ANSI I14 Work Plan (Fed OSHA) Development Services

Expert Witness

System Review
Expert Opinion Reporting
ROM Development