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    Meet OSHA Requirements

    If you have permanently installed exterior building maintenance (EBM) equipment at your building, you have the obligation to inspect, maintain and certify the equipment before allowing maintenance contractor vendors to use the equipment. This is true for all jurisdictions (see links below). 

    We’ll Come to You

    Let us come to your building and perform the appropriate Inspection and/or testing necessary to certify that the equipment is safe for use. As an Agency of Cal OSHA:

    • We provide scaffold inspection and testing (SIT) services under our SIT Agency status, authorized by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).
    • We maintain Cal OSHA SIT License No. 36. These credentials also allow use to meet the Qualified Inspector requirements of Federal OSHA and all other known regulatory authorities having jurisdiction.
    • This expertise, experience and certification allows us to also inspect and certify the EBM equipment in any jurisdiction. So if you are in the Federal OSHA jurisdiction, please give us a call as we can come to you and meet the requirements of Federal OSHA CFR 29 1910.66(c)(2)

    Important Cal OSHA Code and Fed OSHA Excerpt

    Below is an excerpt from the applicable Cal OSHA code. There is also a link below to the corresponding Federal OSHA code that has identical language:

    DOSH General Industry Safety Orders (GISO) Title 8, Article 5, Section 3282(p)(1)(A) and (p)(2) state:

    • “Building owners shall provide the employer written assurance, before use, that all their building’s safety devices and equipment meet the provisions of these orders. The written assurance shall consider, but not be limited to: window anchors and fittings; load sustaining capabilities of platforms, building components, hoisting and supporting equipment…”
    • “Employers shall not permit their employees to use any building safety devices or equipment prior to receiving copies of the written assurance and, if required, an OPOS from the building owner as required by Section 3282(p)(1)(A)…” 

    We Can Helpinspector

    Let us help you by allowing us to provide the inspection, testing and certification that will enable you to provide your vendors and employees with the written assurance required by these orders.

    Load Testing Services to Meet ANSI Load Test Requirements
    We provide any davit and anchor load testing services that will allow you to meet ANSI 10-Year Load Test requirements and the new Fed OSHA Walking and Working Surfaces Ruling requirements.  Contact Us Now to find out more.


    Helpful Links

    Periodic Inspection and Tests  Required every 12 Months. This is sometimes referred to as an “annual inspection.”

    Maintenance Inspection and Tests  Required within 30 days of planned equipment use and every 30 days thereafter in equipment remains in continual use. This is sometimes referred to as a “pre-use inspection.”

    Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance
    1910.66(c) - Assurance
    1910.66(g)(2) - Periodic Inspection and Tests
    1910.66(g)(3) - Maintenance Inspections and Tests