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    Written Assurance. Your Legal Responsibility.

    OSHA requires all building owners to provide "Written Assurance" to their window maintenance contractors before using the equipment that their building owned equipment has been designed, manufactured, installed and maintained according to all applicable codes and standards.

    Load Testing Your Equipment. What You Need To Know.

    When it comes to authorizing your 10 Year load test, be sure you learn everything you need to know before making a choice on who and how to execute the load test.


    What Is An OPOS?

    In 1998 Cal OSHA approved regulations affecting anyone who owns or operates buildings over 36’ in height. Among the regulations, buildings are required to develop and implement an OPOS when specific conditions exist. Click here to learn more.


    Fed OSHA Final Rule Update

    Learn about the Federal OSHA Final Rule to Update the Walking and Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standards