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    Trust Our Expertise

    If you own an existing building, it may need repair, retrofit or replacement of its current exterior building maintenance (EBM) equipment. Sometimes, the building’s original EBM system is flawed or modifications/renovations to the building’s architecture rendered the EBM system nonfunctional.

    In either case, you have a decision to make about how you want to commission the needed work. As you decide, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • These kinds of projects are not as simple as they may seem.
    • There are multiple critical factors that affect the outcome, and it is almost never possible to single source the work to one design/build contractor.
    • Contract exclusions will leave you with tasks such as:
      – Assessment of the primary building structure
      – Electrical upgrades
      – Waterproofing/roofing
      – Determining if the proposed design solution is best suited for your building

    At times like these, enlisting the expertise of a Facade Access Consultant such as OLYMPIQUE is often the best decision you can make.


    Fast Evaluation for Capital Planning

    OLYMPIQUE can quickly develop a preliminary evaluation of the conditions and schematic drawings that can be used for capital planning and by other professionals as needed. As the project progresses, design development plans and specifications can be used to engage the structural engineering assessment of the primary building structure and to competitively tender the construction and/or renovation work from qualified design/build equipment companies. This gives you a clear “apples to apples” set of contractor proposals for easy vetting.


    Professional Services

    Rely on OLYMPIQUE for all of your design and building contractor needs:

    • Exterior Building Maintenance System Review (EBMSR)
    • Schematic Design (SD)
    • Design Development / Construction Documents (DD/CD)
    • Existing Structure Load Capacity  Assessment (EOR)
    • Existing Equipment Engineering (if required) (EEE)
    • Bidding and Negotiation (B&N)
    • Construction Administration (CA)
    • OPOS (Operating Procedures Outline Sheet) Development (Cal OSHA)
    • ANSI I14 Work Plan (Fed OSHA)